5 Really Cool Things You Should Try On Your Wedding Day.

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February 1, 2024

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Pinterest is full of enough wedding ideas to make a grown man cry, but what are some of my favorite ideas that will take your photos to the next level?

1. Dress Capes

Go ahead, open another tab and google them… Cool, right? They add an extra layer of dreaminess to your dress and then can be removed for a different look later in the day. This one was only from the waist down, but I know they also make them that attach at the shoulders.

2. Pocket Boutonnieres

These nifty boutonnieres slide right into the suit’s jacket pocket – no need to mess with pins and they look so good!

3. Throw Something

I personally love some good flower petals on a recessional – it looks so magical! But there are lots of options you could use – streamers, confetti, even blowing bubbles or releasing balloons would fit into this category. Consider adding something to your recessional to get your guests involved in a little extra ‘wow’ factor!

4. Champagne Pop

Popping champagne can be soo fun, and what better time to celebrate than a wedding?! It can be done with your girls before you get dressed, or do it with your new spouse for an amazing night-time photo!

5. Dancing on Clouds

Imagine walking into your reception and going right into a magical dance on the clouds… Ask your dj if this is a service they offer. Or, try adding some fireworks, snow, etc to your first dance!

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