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 for couples who want an efficient & calm experience, relaxed & unforced posing, and a seasoned, reliable professional to help guide them along the way.

Best decision we ever made! Thanks for capturing our day so perfectly Erin, you truly are a magician behind the lens!

- Abbie

She made sure we were on time without ever feeling rushed, and we had a great time laughing & living in the moment with her.  

- Lydia

Erin did an amazing job on capturing our personalities and the moments throughout the day! 

- Lauren

You have an aura of radiating tranquility to any situation or room you are in!

- Brey

Erin captured our day even more perfectly than what I ever imagined. 

- Becci

 She was so professional & easy to work with & the photos were better than anything I could have asked for.

- Megan

As quickly as the day went by, we couldn't be happier we have such excellent, perfect photos to reflect back on to relive it.

- Bridget

She is a perfect mix of being laid back while still keeping everything & everyone on task. She made everyone in my family & bridal party feel super comfortable while directing them.

- Erica

Because you should feel like
on your wedding day


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Five-Star Central Pennsylvania engagement & wedding photographer

I get it... Picking a wedding photographer is a HUGE deal and can be REALLY stressful! There are literally hundreds of photographers nearby and to be honest, so many of their pictures look basically the same. So other than the cost, what makes them bad, average, good or exceptional?

 ... It's All About the EXPERIENCE You Have & Your PEACE of MIND.

People pay a premium for insurance on a lot of things - rental cars, vacations, weddings - even when they don't think they'll ever need to use it... So why do they shell out the money for it? Peace of mind. The "what-if" scenarios in the back of their head cause anxiety and nightmares, and it's worth the extra investment to them to know that they are covered if anything should go awry.

Or would you rather have a photographer who...

  • You don't hear from until a week before the wedding (when they want paid).
  • Just does weddings as a side gig because they realized they can make some "easy" money (and may bail right before the wedding).
  • Charges a little less because they don't pay for insurance, backup equipment or editing software.
  • Doesn't give any guidance or posing direction, leaving you feeling awkward and unsure of yourselves.
  • Doesn't help you plan timing and doesn't help you keep on schedule during your wedding day.
  • Gets around to editing your photos whenever they feel like it.

Do you want a photographer who...

  • Has dedicated 13 years of time & energy to building a professional business.
  • Provides helpful tips & advice about how to get amazing photos & a stress-free day. 
  • Is in contact well in advance to build a custom, realistic timeline for you.
  • Genuinely cares about who you are as a couple and does everything possible to make your day go smoothly, capture your true personalities, and put you at ease the whole time.
  • Covers everyone with proper insurance, backup equipment & emergency plans.
  • Can take charge of a large rowdy bridal party while still letting them have fun.
  • Guides you through natural and relaxed poses so you never feel stiff and awkward.

Think about it...

Let me tell you about Erin - she has been THE BEST VENDOR of my wedding.

- Virginia

If you're looking for:

a natural & Effortless Experience

You want to feel comfortable and relaxed, not awkward and stiff when it comes to your photos & being around someone who's with you the whole day.

An Efficient & Reliable Professional

Having someone on your side who really knows weddings (with experience from over 200 of them), has a realistic and seamless process, and can be trusted to deliver on their promises brings so much peace of mind.

A calming & adaptable guide

When a wedding day gets chaotic, it's nice to have a calming presence by your side guiding you through it all and being flexible to keep things running smoothly.

You're in the right place.

You need a reliable professional who is efficient and flexible from years of experience and hundreds of weddings to provide you a natural, relaxed & unstuffy experience while keeping you calm & comfortable...

I've got you.

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A wedding day is so much more than just some pretty photos of the newlyweds!  Here's a few photos from each 'part' of a wedding day...

Parts of a Wedding Day...


Risk-Free Booking.

It's stressful enough to plan a wedding.  You shouldn't have to worry about being locked into a contract with a photographer you later learn you aren't a good fit with.

Go ahead & book...  Breathe a big sigh of relief!  Then, have your engagement session within two months, and if for any reason you don't love your experience or the photos, then you can cancel your contract with me, no problem - because making sure you found your perfect photographer is more important than filling a date on my calendar!


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She was such a helpful, calming presence during our wedding day & made the day flow seamlessly. 

- Bridget

She could easily double as a wedding planner!

- Lydia

Erin felt more like a friend that happened to be taking pictures at our wedding, which made the process less stuffy & more fun. 

- Maura

The planning stages alone put us at ease due to the wealth of knowledge & organization she brought to the experience.

- Lydia

What can I say? She was absolutely amazing! Our photos looked like pictures from a magazine!

- Ciara

From the first phone consult throughout the entire process, Erin put my mind at ease knowing we would get beautiful photos, & she didn't disappoint!

- Kirsten

Being a bride during a pandemic can be stressful, but working with Erin has made the process so much easier. I can't say enough good things about her.

- Jessica

 She really knows her stuff & it is obvious she is in her element when it comes to photographing weddings.

- Chelsea

I got lots of compliments about her from guests at the wedding; Literally everyone loved her.

- Andrea

Six months later, my husband and I still get compliments from family & friends on our gorgeous photos! 

- Jenna

If you love planning out all the pretty details and aesthetics... 

My brides absolutely love aesthetically pleasing details and decor, and take great pleasure in planning them all out before the wedding.

then we may be a great fit.

If you adore fresh florals and hand-tied romantic bouquets... 

Florals make such a huge difference for a wedding, and using your budget on a few stunning romantic pieces can really transform the whole look of your day.

then we may be a great fit.

If you like kicking off your shoes & living in the moment... 

My couples are all about living in the moment and soaking it all in.  We plan ahead so things go smoothly, and then when the day comes, they allow themselves to relax, be fully present and have fun!

then we may be a great fit.

ready to get started?

Let's Do This.

Wedding collections begin at $4000 and most couples end up investing around $5400.  Custom collections and payment plans are available.

I can't wait to hear about your wedding plans and see if we'll be a great fit for each other!  Use the form below and I'll be in touch soon!

- Erin

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