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Maternity, Newborn & First Year

Sessions to professionally document all of baby's first milestones

From the MOMENT your Baby is born, they are Already GROWING UP.

The highly anticipated newest family member has finally arrived - and they are seriously the cutest thing in the whole world! 

You’re probably already running out of storage space on your phone, right? You start scrolling through them in order to pick what photos are going on instagram, and you notice that those big baby blues just aren’t as crystal clear as they are in real life (can’t have that when showing off the most adorable baby on social media, can you?)...
Then, as you keep looking through, you realize that the only photo you have of the whole family is the picture that the sweet nurse at the hospital offered to take for you right after you delivered (and let’s face it - it was not your most glamorous moment… I can say that - I was in that position myself in 2021!

Because They're
little once.


Images that tell your love story

Those sleepy newborn yawns and tiny fingers will quickly turn into adorable chunky thigh rolls and toothy (or toothless) grins!  And before long, they'll be nothing more than a memory...

Imagine having those memories as high-quality photos from all of baby's first milestones - from the tiny toes to the quirky smiles and standing up all on their own!

I take a fairly natural and minimalistic approach to my newborn sessions.  This means that for the most part I will be using your home as the backdrop (baby's nursery, your bed, etc).  I do bring several wraps (and headbands for your baby girl) for you to choose from.  During warmer months, outdoor newborn sessions are also gorgeous and totally under-rated!

What I'm Not

A note about newborn sessions...

I'm not a studio that offers a large variety of different sets and props for elaborate newborn sessions. 

If that's the type of newborn session you're envisioning, I'm more than happy to refer you to a few expert studio newborn photographers!

Natural & Minimalistic

Maternity, Newborn, First Year

the Investment

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I've thought a lot about how to organize sessions during baby's first year.  Too many packages get confusing and if something happens and you don't get to use one, then it needs sorted out.

I've decided to switch to a simple structure for the first year investment. 

Pay full price for the first session (this could be a maternity session, newborn session, even a milestone session). 

Then, every other session you book through baby's first year of life, you'll receive for 25% off.

30 or 60 Minutes






30 or 60 minutes



All sessions include travel within 30 miles of Middletown PA, an online gallery, and the high-resolution digital files with print release from your session.

Pay full price for your first session & receive 25% off ALL additional 1st Year sessions!

The Sessions

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Erin is all of the things you want in a photographer- she is easy going and easy to work with, she takes the awkwardness out of taking photos, and she can take charge of any situation to get the most beautiful photos.

- Jenna

Erin is incredible. Between her wonderful personality and the impeccable quality of her work, you will have an amazing experience working with her!!!

- Erica

I could rave about Erin forever – she is AWESOME. Erin is a professional and has an eye for capturing all of life’s moments perfectly. She was not only our photographer but also became a friend.

- Becci

She’s just awesome all around and anyone who needs a photographer should seek out Erin.

- Ben

Erin was very responsive, organized, and easy to work with. If you are considering Photography by Erin Leigh for your special day, event, or just because, I would highly recommend choosing her. You won’t regret it! 

- Chelsea

frequently asked questions

Maternity sessions are best scheduled between 32-36 weeks, when you have a nice bump but before you get too uncomfortable.  For first time moms 34-36 weeks is a good range.

The sooner the better!  Newborns start getting less sleepy and stop curling up as much after the first couple of weeks.  I suggest reaching out as soon as you're home from the hospital and settled in.  We can also tentatively book in advance based on your due date (about 1-2 weeks after your due date) and then adjust if needed.

Milestone sessions are traditionally done at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.  I use this as a loose guide and actually like to go off of their milestones - such as sitting up in the 6 month range, and standing up at around 12 months because that's always fun to capture!

The best part about how I have my investment set up is that you don't have to worry about this!  Each session is booked and paid for separately, and after your first session you'll receive a 25% discount on all your next sessions throughout baby's first year!

If you opt to take advantage of all the milestone sessions, then most likely you're going to fall into the winter months for one of them... When this happens, I highly suggest using this as an opportunity to have an in-home lifestyle session, using your home (baby's nursery, the family bed, etc) as the backdrop.

Let's Watch that Little One GROW!

- Erin

If you are ready to get on the schedule, view the scheduler by using the "Book Session Now" button.  If you want to choose your first year collection but aren't sure of dates yet, use the "Choose Collection" button.

I can't wait!