Engagement Session Giveaway Covid19 Provision


Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

I am looking for recently engaged, outgoing, fun-loving couples who are interested in dreamy, fairytale-worthy photos without stress.

Last fall, I started running giveaways for a free luxury engagement session. A chance for couples to to work with me before they get locked into a contract with a wedding photographer. The winners received a free mounted print, all the digital files from the session, and 15% off their wedding package (if they chose to book me for the wedding).

Why I Do This:

I have heard of so many couples getting burned because they did an engagement session and had a horrible experience, or hated their photos. But they were stuck with that photographer for their wedding because they already signed the contract and paid the deposit!

I love giving couples the chance to work with me before they officially book.

That way, when they book me, they know for SURE that I’m the perfect fit, and their photographer is one less thing they worry about!



Due to the current COVID19 situation and everyone being encouraged to stay inside and keeping distance from people, I’ve decided to modify my offer.

My main goal is still to provide you a RISK-FREE opportunity and not let your wedding planning be put on hold unnecessarily.

  1. Schedule a free online video chat consult with me to discuss your wedding, what you can expect working with me, etc.
  2. If you’re interested after your consult, “soft” book me for the wedding (you’ll automatically receive the 15% winner discount)!
  3. Once we are in the clear to start getting out again, we will photograph your engagement session.
    • If you are happy with your experience, then you’re all set for the wedding and your booking will become official – you’ll receive all the digital files from the engagement session & your print.
    • If, after your session, you feel we aren’t a good fit, then we will void your contract & you’ll receive a refund for your deposit, no hassle. You’ll still receive your free print as well, and you will have the opportunity to purchase more photos from the session if you would like, but there is no obligation.
If this sounds like something you and your fiance are interested in, simply enter with your email below! There’s a quick questionnaire, & then you’ll be able to schedule your free consult!

Meet Erin


Hey there! I’m Erin Leigh Weber!

I’m a central Pennsylvania based luxury wedding photographer who believes the whole experience really can be stress-free! As a hopeless romantic, I have told over 200 wedding love stories through captivating and enchanting imagery, and I can’t wait to hear your story!