Win a FREE Luxury Engagement Session

Take the pressure of booking a wedding photographer off by getting a chance to work with them first - completely risk-free!  

You just got engaged and you’re over the moon excited! You start planning your dream wedding, but then PANIC sets in...  

This is a lot of money you’re investing into “artistic” vendors, and you won’t even really see the results until the wedding day (or after in the case of photography)! Will it be worth the cost? There are literally hundreds of photographers nearby and to be honest, so many of their pictures look basically the same. So other than the cost, what makes them bad, average, good or exceptional?? Suddenly you’re now stressed over the wedding planning and not enjoying it anymore…

What if you could...

  • Work with that photographer for free before signing a wedding contract.
  • Experience what it feels like to be in front of their camera to be sure you won't feel awkward.
  • Feel confident knowing that you found your perfect photographer - one you get along with well & trust to capture your story in just the right way so that your wedding photos will be everything you dreamed of.

Well now you can have that experience!

Experience working with me for your engagement session - at no cost and completely risk-free! I’ll even throw in a free digital file of your favorite image. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase more photos from the session if you’d like, but there’s no obligation.

If you love your experience and your photos, then you can confidently book me for your wedding & you'll receive all the digital files from your engagement session as a gift, plus 15% off your wedding collection!

Bonus -

The Process:

Apply through thE short questionnaire

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Welcome Call

Finalists will schedule a quick 10 minute welcome call with me to discuss your session.

Session Day

This is the fun part, and you won't have to worry about anything - I'll take care of it all!

Reveal Session

A week or so after your session, we'll do a zoom meeting where you'll get to see your photos in a slideshow, choose your free digital, and decide if I'm a good fit for your wedding!

I'm Erin Leigh Weber.

I’m a Central PA photographer specializing in custom weddings and engagements. Since 2009 I've been honored to document nearly 300 weddings. Having an obsession with efficiency, organization & backup plans gives my clients peace of mind, and people like working with me because I'm fast, down-to-earth & fun - I make it easy to get amazing photos full of genuine emotion so you can get on with your day!

Hey there!

Wow, I don’t know where to start...  She CAPTURED OUR RELATIONSHIP PERFECTLY in all of the photos she took. 

- Chelsea

Erin is a dream come true when it comes to photography! She is a true artist and a sensational human being at that! 

- Frenchie

Best decision we ever made! Thanks for capturing our day so perfectly Erin, you truly are a magician behind the lens!

- Abbie

 She was by far the best photographer I have ever worked with and I would book her a million times over!

- Francesca

Getting photos taken of you can be awkward (at least for me) but Erin made us feel so comfortable.

- Ali

 She was so professional and easy to work with and the photos were better than anything I could have asked for.

- Megan

She kept me calm & collected on my wedding day.

- Lindsay

Erin is an amazing photographer!  She definitely loves what she does and it shows through her work every time!

- Elizabeth

So, stop worrying about if you're booking the right photographer... 

and Let's see if we'll be a good fit first - risk-free!